Monday, March 27, 2006

Arrested Development

While waiting for the bus to arrive this morning, I saw a man get handcuffed.

From my perspective of the event, he had done nothing wrong. He kept saying to the arresting (note: I don't know that he was actually arrested...) officer: "I don't understand this. I didn't do anything."

The incident was rudely being done not completely within my earshot, so I couldn't make out the entire conversation. I'll request that they speak louder next time.

Apparently, the man had been in a nearby 7-11 moments earlier, and had been accused (J'accuse!!) of stealing something. (Or maybe he really did. Again, lack of info on my part)

The bus arrived before the episode could be played out, so I will never know what happened, but it was rather startling to see the cops simply walk up and place cuffs on a guy.

In other news, I have a tremendously bad headache right now. AI blame the lack of food and sleep I've had in the past 24 hours.

Also, I have come to the realization that work takes up WAY too much of my time. Life is too short. I should be spending those 9 hours (12 if you include commuting time) of the day doing something.... else. Being with my girls, or playing Scrabble with Steph, or sleeping, or a hobby or something. Bah. Mondays are cruel.


CosmicAvatar said...

Coo. On the positive side, at least they weren't putting cuffs on you. You got away with it again! Muahahahaha! Er, whatever it was.

Totally agree about work.

Manuel said...
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Jess said...

Jobs are just wrong, dude. (Sorry for delete/repost--was signed in as Manuel.)

Amy said...

Heeeeeeeee: punrqfat!

Man, jobs suck. If it weren't for the money, I wouldn't have one.

Meghan said...

If there's anyone I can think of who could start and run a successful business from home (from what I've read, that is), it's you.

I am so thankful I took the plunge and started my company when I did. It was scary as hell at first, and being your own boss can be a bitch at times... but it's worth it.