Thursday, February 08, 2018

muse hunting

As I've mentioned before, I'm enjoying my Creative Writing course.

I have to write two (!!) poems sometime before Monday. (Heh, I'm pretty tired right now, and originally started to type "Wednesday". Time is meaningless!) I'm being 'workshopped' on Monday, which means that the two poems I bring in will be critiqued by the whole class. (Assuming the whole class shows up. This past Monday there were five people absent, out of a class of 16. Although it WAS the Monday after the Superbowl, and (apparently!?) that's the biggest sick day of the year. Maybe that counts for classes, too.)

So, yeah. Gots to get my creative on, and pretty soon, too.
I've already got one of the poems written, and I'm fairly proud of it (we'll see if my opinion changes after having it picked apart). But I still need to get one more written that I feel comfortable bringing in to the vultures. And then I have to write one for my weekly writing assignment. (There is nothing that says that that can't be the same poem, so, I mean, *technically* I could save myself some time and effort by only writing ONE new poem. But, I rarely do things the efficient way. Plus, I would rather actually create two. I WANT to make more art. I'm just feeling. tired. uninspired. wishing I was wired. ... okay, i'll stop, because rhyming is ...ergh. something. Have I mentioned how tired I am? I feel like I have.

Right now, i'm at the library, using one of their computers, hoping that inspiration strikes. Oh! I was going to write down some phrases that I wanted to just keep in my toolbox.
"Broken ocean" was one of them.
And I hada  few others while I was driving in, but, of course, that was when I was nowhwere near a computer or a piece of paper.
"weasel fucking" (or, rather,  "weasels fucking" - I guess there really IS a difference between those two...)
oh, I rmember now - "as confusing as a four-way stop" (or as "hesitant", not sure which is better; guess it depends on the piece it's being used in)
"as neglected as a Christmas tree in March"
"revised our relationship like a Wikipedia entry"

I've been trying to pick up more metaphors and similes during my day-to-day life. You can see and judge the results above.

For now, though, I need to get ready for my Com 101 class, so I'll publish this and be done with it.

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