Tuesday, November 06, 2012

who ya gonna vote for?

Kinda bummed that after today, that song will effectively become an anachronism.

Anyway. Yeah, cast my vote this morning.

The polls opened at 7am, I got in line (with about 10 people in front of me) around 6:30. Was in and out in 8 minutes. (And left seeing that the line had grown to a good fifty or sixty deep at that point)

While in line, I was reminded, as I often am when I have to venture into the 'real world', that there are a LOT of truly truly ignorant and annoying people out there. (And sometimes they're both! How pleasant!)

While inside the polling center, I was struck by how unorganized the entire thing was. Although it was organized, but there were just little things that *should* have been set up better. For example, after signing in, everyone would then have to proceed to get their electronic voter card...which required crossing thru the lines of other people going to sign in.

And having an exit other than the main entrance would have been helpful too.

But, whatever. It was really a pretty painless ordeal, and the political ad season is DONE, which is a huge relief. It would be great, though, if I could get Mitt Romney's home phone number so I could robo-call him daily for the next three months.

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Amy said...

You're the reason Nevada is blue!

One of the benefit of living in an unabashed socialist commie hellhole is that no one bothers to call. And the tv commercials are usually about Connecticut.