Wednesday, January 11, 2012

random bits from today

I decided/learned that zombies hate mailboxes. (It's true. Have you ever seen a zombie near a mailbox?)

Sang the hot dog tune about 15 times - and that was in the 6pm hour alone!

Saw lots of road construction.

Finished book 2 of "Preacher". (It's not great, but I've got to see how it all ends.)

Watched "Horrible Bosses" - started off slow, but had some very funny moments to it. Haven't quite figured out what my haiku review will say about it, if I opt to do one.

Thought about just posting a random youtube video on days like today when I don't have anything to say. I may end up doing that in the future...

Cleaned another portion of my office up. It's slowly becoming (gasp!) organized!!

Blogged random stuff from today.

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