Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The CenturyLink Saga

Note that this saga ends ...anticlimatically.

So, we had Century Link as our cable provider for most of 2011, but due to finances, we simply could no longer to justify paying 60-whatever dollars for televised entertainment, and opted to cancel it. So, I canceled, back in October, and I distinctly remember during that conversation that Century Link told me, "We will send you a box in the mail so you can mail back the cable boxes."

Fast forward to Decemberish, and we still haven't received a box in the mail. So, whatever, we figure, we'll just keep the cable boxes as decorations. (They were technologically pretty.) Around this time, though, we were having dinner at the Dairy Queen near my work, and we saw a Century Link building right across the street. Steph made a comment to me that I could "return the boxes there in person". I agreed. And then, of course, didn't do it. Heh.

So fast forward a few more weeks, and we find a Century Link bill with a 260 dollar charge on it. Apparently they REALLY want the boxes back, and were willing to charge us insane amounts of money until we returned them.

That brings us to the present. Or, yesterday, I suppose. We got the Century Link boxes together, along with the remote controls (well, the remote controls minus one backing panel) and the router, and I put them in the front seat of the van so I could return them to that Century Link near my work during my lunch break.

THAT brings us to today. Lunchtime arrives, and I get in the van and drive down the road a half mile to that CL building. As I'm pulling into the parking lot, I see a sign on the gate that says, "This in not the business office. That is at 330 S Valley View Blvd".

Hrm. Okay. So. I'm a little peeved, but whatever. I drive down to Valley View Blvd, which is just a few miles down the road. But at that part of town, I'm at approximately 3700 S Valley View. [sigh]. So I drive and drive and drive, and make my way thru I don't know how many miles of construction, and EVENTUALLY get down to 330 Valley View.

As I'm pulling up, I'm noticing that there ...aren't a lot of cars there. Or, more specifically, there are NO CARS in the parking lot. And then I see a piece of paper taped to the front of the building. Uh-oh. Pieces of paper taped to buildings are never good.

I park, get out, and find out that the Century Link offices have moved to 2101 N Rainbow.

Now I'm super irritated, but have to drive back to work, because my lunch hour is nearly up at this point.

However, Rainbow is the road I take home, so, I figure, I'll drop off these boxes on my way home.

I finish up my work day, and then proceed down Rainbow. I find 2101 and pull in there. As I get to the door there, I see a sign ...that says the hours are 9a-6p. :)

Once inside, it took all of 20 minutes (maybe less) to get the situation sorted out, and all the extra charges dropped from our bill. Hooray!!


Annika said...

It's a good thing you warned me about the anticlimactic ending.

Amy said...

This is a happy story!