Thursday, June 10, 2010

A lesson for all those who want to run a corporation someday

While removing a bunch of employees seems like a great way to save money (and, in fact, probably is, at least in the short term), keep in mind that the workers you have stick around are going to have their workload doubled (or sometimes tripled ...or more).

And while that might work out just fine for you - after all, you aren't doing any extra work, and you're saving lots of money since you aren't increasing the workers' pay - given enough time, your slaves are going to get worn out from all that extra labor.

And when people get tired, they make mistakes.

And mistakes? They tend to cost businesses money.

Sometimes LOTS of money.

Sadly, I don't think this 'lesson' will be learned by anyone, really, because honestly, it's not like the workers have much say in the matter. I mean, what are they gonna do - starve?

So, despite the fact that working people to death is good for neither them nor, ultimately, you, the whole stupid game will keep on going until the earth tires of it all and hurls itself into the sun.

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Annika said...

So, you're saying I should cut costs to my corporation by firing as many people as possible?