Tuesday, June 22, 2010

20 bucks, same as in town

Last night I dreamt about Last Comic Standing. (I know, right? How boring am I?)

Anyway, the sad thing is that I can't remember the majority of the joke, so I'm hoping we can reverse engineer it. I recall the set-up, and the punchline, but I need the middle section.

The set-up is that "these" are the three most important questions in the world.

I don't remember 1 & 2, but the "punchline" was that the third was "Did you hear what I said?"

...which, really, isn't all that funny, but in the dream it certainly was. And, hey, maybe if I remembered what the first two questions were, it would be  (doubtful!), so, if you're feeling particularly comedic, have at it. What are the other 2 most important questions in the world?

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