Thursday, November 12, 2009

why do i always forget about the monkeywrench when making plans?

so, as Steph mentioned, our main computer died, thus leaving us with a sort of zombie/Frankenstein's monster type of computer deal in order to get online.

which somewhat dampens my plans of typing up my haikus for Lost. (Ironically, I have the Pilot (part 1) episode halfway done. I was working on it on Sunday, and had planned on finishing it up, but then the computer and universe had other plans.)I would instead type up the haikus at work and then publish them all later, but the thing is that work has been INSANELY busy lately, so I don't have time to do it there. And then when I get home I'm too damn exhausted to do anything.

Eh. Enough whining. It'll happen. Or it won't.

In other news, Silas is going to be six months on Tuesday. How the hell did that happen?

Speaking of time passing quickly - two months (LESS!!), and we will be out of this house, and into a (presumably) better one. 50 days, people. Fifty. I can. Not. Wait.

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CosmicAvatar said...

Dude, I sympathize. In recent months H's laptop died, then mine did, and now his has again. It's like losing an arm and fighting with your partner for the other. OK, not that bad, but when you're both wanting to be on the computer RIGHT NOW, it can be problematic.

Anyway, I hope the universe takes pity on you now.