Sunday, October 18, 2009

We could be heroes. Just for one day.

("Heroes" by David Bowie)

I had this story idea recently, where there is a virus (or maybe it's not a virus, but something controlled by, say, aliens? I don't know. a lot of the details haven't been worked out)
Anyway. This virus causes people to get superpowers. Particularly, the ones that Superman has (flight, super-speed, invulnerability, x-ray vision)...but only for 24 hours. After that amount of time has passed, the abilities would vanish, and move on to another person. So, if an infected individual was flying 30,000 feet in the air when their time was up...they'd have a really bad day.

Imagine the chaos that would cause, though. If just ONE random person in the world had super powers...for only a day.

And the next person to obtain the powers is completely random. One day it could be a 65 year old grandmother in Miami, Florida, and once she lost her powers, it would be a 4 year old boy in Ibra, Oman.

The problem with the story is ...I don't have a story. I have the idea, which is kinda cool, and might make for an interesting comic book or movie (or even a story to read) but there's no ..plot. It's just an idea at this point. I mean, I guess the story could be about how people react to such an occurrence and/or how people who are infected react or use their abilities (or even how people who WERE infected deal with the aftermath of NOT having the power anymore), but where is it going beyond that?

And besides, doing all that writing sounds like work. And I'm lazy.

So, instead, I started thinking, "what would I do if I had Superman's powers for a day?"

And here's what I came up with:

I would definitely sleep in, because, dude, why wake up early if I can get to work in like 2 seconds?

Actually, why go to work at all? I think I'd call in sick that day.

And then I'd fly they family (one at a time? Or maybe I'd just carry the entire family in the van) over to Disneyland.

Oh, and then I'd be sure to remove all nuclear weaponry from the planet (yes, I know it wouldn't stop the problem, because people can create more, but it would make the world [temporarily] safer, at least)

I'd probably fly to Australia, just to see it.

I'd redistribute food. There's hundreds of thousands of tons of food that goes wasted here everyday. I'd take some of that over to, say, India, and allow them to dine.

I'd stop crimes, of course. That would be fun. I don't know that I'd stop any robberies, but murders? It would be sweet to jump in front of a bullet or two. Just to see reactions.

I'd deliver the mail. And tell all the postal workers to take the day off.

Oh, and hey, I could play Santa, couldn't I? Ha.

I'd blog about it all, of course.

And then, at the end of the day, I'd have to make sure I flew around the world backwards fast enough to turn time back, so that I wouldn't lose my ability. ;)

So. What would you do with superpowers for a day?


Amy said...

Walk down dark alleys and wait for someone to mess with me. BANG POW!

Anonymous said...

hey, happy blogoversary or happy birthday to your blog today, oct 19. i'm celebrating mine as well and check out the site to know who else is celebrating this day.

nice to see your blog. keep blogging dude!