Saturday, October 10, 2009

Temperature in Hell - 33 degrees

Not quite frozen over. But close.

Yep. I've gone and joined Facebook.

Blame Steph. I simply wanted to play Bejeweled Blitz, but she wouldn't let me use her account.

So, yeah. I've joined the hordes of facebookers. But, on the bright side, still not on twitter, and I've still never watched American Idol. So I'm not a complete sell out.


Amy said...

Dude. Facebook is so much worse than Twitter.

Annika said...

One of us! One of us!

Amy said...

Wait a minute, though ... Bejeweled Blitz?

Stephanie said...

Bejeweled Blitz!!!

CosmicAvatar said...

Excellent! I did recognize your profile pic when it popped up a day or two ago, so if you're wondering who Amanda is who's friend-requested you, it's probably me. :P