Friday, April 25, 2008

How Thursday Went

Woke up at Early:30, as per usual.
Got ready, then woke Saren and Harper. Made them breakfast, and then Steph woke up too, as did Irina. The whole family was up before 6:30! Mark it on your calendars!

Me, Saren and Harper left for work, with the girls' lunch around 6:45.
The early morning poll on the way in was, "If a co-worker gets one of these, there's a 40% chance you will, too." (The answer was "headache".)
Got to work around 7:15.

Over the course of the 6 hours we were there, we:
(not necessarily in order)

Ate lunch.
Walked to 7-11.
Visited nearly every office in both buildings.
Killed tapes. [not really killing, since they're not alive. It means we removed the labels from tapes that have aired, and put them back in the pile to be reused.]
Added the South Park episode numbers for the 1st and 2nd run episodes for May through September. [the girls did all that, actually. I read the numbers to them, they took turns entering the data into the computer.]
Emailed Steph.
Did the Dr. Phil Shuffle. [not a dance, per se.]
Listened to the Whale.
Played with the transformer at my desk (Starscream)

So, you know, more or less just like any other day at work for me. Except that it was shorter, and I had helpers.

After lunch we left to go back home. We picked up Steph and Irina, drove to Taco Bell for lunch for Steph, and then to Bounce U.

At Bounce U, Steph talked with some of the moms while I played with all 3 girls in the bouncy ...things.
Harper asked if I would "chase her around", and so we eventually all partook in a game of Terminator. There are nerf balls all over the place at Bounce U, and we decided that the balls could be used as "bullets". If you were killed or lost a limb, you would remain dead or maimed until someone else touched you. (Just like in real life!)

Lots of running around (or walking around, on my part. I was not a T-1000, and thus did all my hunting at a casual pace) and dying ensued. (I even allowed some artistic license where if a bullet hit me in the chest or head, that I, too, would be 'deactivated' until I was touched.)

Irina mostly just ran from me, and/or chased all of us with a ball in her hand. But, at one point Saren was "dead", and Harper was also "dead", both lying on the ground. Seeing this, Irina decided to "die" as well.
Upon seeing that all 3 of my targets had been terminated, my mission was accomplished.
So, you may ask, how does a Terminator celebrate a successful operation?

By doing the Terminator dance.

Which, of course, looks suspiciously like The Robot.


After about two and a half hours at Bounce U, we left for Star Nursery where we perused the tomato plants and herbs and tortoises and whatnot.
Then it was home again, home again, jiggity-jig.

At night we watched Survivor (Can Natalie go back to being in the background? It was better when we didn't hear from her) and then 30 Rock and then Lost, and by the end of that we were all super-exhausted and ready to collapse into sleep, which, for the most part, we did.

Overall, a very good day.


Amy said...

Heee! This is awesome.

Annika said...

Man, that sounds so good. I want that day!

CosmicAvatar said...

Hee. Geek families are so cute.

Simon said...

I am intrigued by the thought of your good self as a Terminator, when you clearly live in the P@rix.