Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another month bites the dust

I called in from work today, because I have been struck with the mystery disease from hell. I have no energy whatsoever [which is (part of) why I haven't replied to the comments on the free will post. Which I do appreciate. I'll get to that soon. Or maybe I won't! Heh.], and my throat hurts to swallow (or touch, because the inside has swollen so much.) and my lower back is absolutely killing me. Also, moving too suddenly results in a massively killer headache.

Some of this is due to allergies, I know. Still doesn't help in making it go away.
(And I doubt severely that the allergies are causing my back pain.)

Anyway. Can you believe that April is (almost) done? Gahhhh.

As has been the custom this year, month-end means adding up word counts and movie reviews (such as they are)
I don't have the energy to do movie recaps, so instead I'll just say that all of the films seen in April were enjoyable, in their own unique ways. Yes, even She's All That. (Or perhaps I'm just delieroius right now.)

Word count total: 241; 192; 501; 272; 535; 874; 783; 437; 237; 201; 94; 748; 573; 994

And this one is - 236
Bringing the month total to - 6918
And year to date - 23,739

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go lie down and die [/overdramatic]

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