Monday, October 12, 2015

if I used Twitter

number sign, butnowthatI'vepostedtheseIdon'tneedtomakeaTwitteraccount,doI? pound key, paradox.

  • You know what you never see any more? Canadian pennies. Did they all get deported?
  • You know what you never hear anymore? Prophecies. They were all made hundreds or thousands of yrs ago. Where r the prophecies for 3015??
  • Hey, Weird Al - "UHF 2: URL". You know it must happen.
  • "Strawberry isn't spelled with an F." #ruinedpunchlines
  • Police Academy. Harry & the Hendersons. Weird Science #timeforaremake #darkandgritty #callmehollywood 
  • What if we eliminated all borders altogether? Then we wouldn't have any immigration "problems". Risk would be a lot more difficult to play, though.
  • Did we ever figure out who let the dogs out?
  • If we are going to have Christmas in July, we absolutely must have Halloween in May.
  • I wonder what Chewbacca is doing right now.
  • I bet the Pope loves donuts. (Cuz they're holy.)
  • In the pantheon of TV theme songs, "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" ranks pretty high. #yohomessmellyalater


Annika said...

This one time, in 2007, I wrote a post like this on my blog. Now I have 58,000 tweets.

P@ said...

I know I said I'd never join Twitter...but, maybe I should? I mean, being eight years behind the curve is about my speed.

Annika said...

I'd be pretty into having another way to stalk you.