Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hey, Mr DJ, I thought you said we had a deal

can we take a minute to complain about the current state of internet-radio? Cuz it's pretty horrible. (For me, at least.)

My much beloved Jelli has shut down (it's been over a year, actually. Still bummed.). (If I ever have millions of spare dollars, I'm totally going to revive it, because it truly was a genius concept)

So, after that shut down, I made the switch over to, which, while never 100% legal or moral (from the limited research I've done, it seems to have topped out around 10% for both?), it DID have a massive music library, and a pretty decent interface. But, then earlier this year, grooveshark shut down, too.

I moved on to, but it never functioned properly on my work computer (it often crashes our home computer too, so ...I dunno about that site.)

Spotify is firewalled.

Harper pointed me to, which is ...okay.

So now at work I listen to the online stream of 107.5, so I hear "Exes and Ohs" 40 times a day. When I tire of that, I switch over to a random Orlando alternative station I found that heavily focuses on 90s alternative.
Which is all okay, but I really want a station/website that plays a mixture of EVERYTHING. Why is that so hard to find? (and have it stay online permanently?)

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