Monday, March 16, 2015

it's a nice place to visit...

(warning - work related blog post)

One of the unspoken portions of the new years resolution that I made to blog more was to blog about work LESS. So far, pretty good, but today I'm blogging about work, although I do have other things that I'll mention so it's not exclusively about the jorb.

Back in November our company acquired another station (the local NBC affiliate). Lots of changes have come about as a result of this, weighing, I suppose, on the positive side. (I'm still employed, the station's prestige has

The NBC station, of course, had it's own facilities that it was broadcasting out of, and for a while, we were splitting the duties in two buildings. That (mostly) changed this past Friday, when the higher-ups decided to move all of the sales and traffic staff (that would include me) over to the NBC-building. (The master control, promotions and production staff are staying behind at our old building until the new one can be renovated to fit them all.)

Moving, as I have often said, sucks. Even (especially??) when it's your place of employment.

The NBC building is located in a highly industrialized, very ugly part of town. It's about one block away from the homeless shelter, and directly across the street from a cemetery. "At least our neighbors are quiet."

It's not all cons, though. The new location is (slightly) closer to our house (approximately 29 minute drive rather than 35 or 36), and the inside of the building is nice, in areas. The main breakroom (there are two, possibly even three) is an actual break room  - tables, chairs, several refrigerators, vending machines, a working sink... and there are picnic tables and gazebos to eat outside if you want (I might do that tomorrow - several other coworkers did today, and this is the time of the year when it's actually nice enough to do that). All of us that came over to the building received an office (although they are all inside with no windows, and they look like doctor's offices from the 1980s...), and we also now have security badges in order to get in to the facilities.

Today was our first day in the new place.
Highlights included:
Passing the parking lot on the way in, and having to circle back around. (I have no sense of direction)
Hearing the news-copter take off and land. (it's loud)
Momentarily worrying when the high school that is right down the road got evacuated by the Hazmat team because a student brought some chemicals to class (nothign wound up happening, other than the email from management alerting us to the possibility of needign to evacuate).
NOT HAVING PRINTERS ALL DAY. (this was a huge deal, as about 90% of my job involves printing emails out) the IT department was working on it all day, but when i left this afternoon, it still hadn't been resolved. We'll see what tomorrow holds.
Not having phones for 50% of the day. (not as big a deal, but annoying)
Missing my window.
Dreading the eventual bus ride(s) in, especially since I will now need to transfer, and also walk somewhat to get to the station, and walking involves going through the previously mentioned not-so-great neighborhoods.

So, that's that. I'm sure I'll adapt and get used to this new situation/location, but for now the newness is still fresh and I'm all prickly about it.

In other news, we bought the board game King of Tokyo yeseterday, and did a family run thru last night (Harper won - her strategy was to not go into Tokyo at all. hahaha), and today Silas & I played it some more (I won one game, he won the other) Pretty simple game, especially once you get into it, and it's fun, too. I really do enjoy playing our board games, want to do that more often.

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