Friday, January 30, 2015

you won a sauce!!

[insert the Link-opening-a-treasure-chest-theme here]

Today was in.sane. at work. I don't want to bore any hypothetical readers (or myself, while typing it) so I'll bottom line it: LOTS of work. LOTS.

MOving on!

I'm doing...okayish with my resolutions. (I nearly typed "revolutions", which, nope, not doing very well with those at all. I blame my minions. Or lack thereof.) I've only read 3 books so far, and only watched 3 movies, so ...not superb, but better than nothing.

I have exercised every day (well, I missed one day - maybe the 21st? But I doubled-up on the following day), and amazingly it's starting to get easier! I'm not really seeing any results yet, but they year is young.

I've done some fiction writing, but don't have an exact word count at this time. I would guess that I'm probably a little under what i should be at this stage. Also, I don't think that any of the writing is anything I'd deem shareable. But at least it's happening.

I've done ZERO work on the Project, so that needs to be remedied within the next 11 months or so.

Anyway, not a lot else to report on right now,soi'llwrap this up. But i have to ask - is it just me or does it feel like it's been January all year long?

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