Friday, November 14, 2003

Life goes by so fast. You only want to do what you think is right. Close your eyes and then it's past.

Story of my life.

And, Soupy, I do believe that that is the longest blog title ever. [tongue]

So, yeah. I remember how to blog. Do ya believe that?

Heh. I'm chuckling to myself now because I also seem to have remembered how to blank out. Joy.

Lately, when I watch the news, I just have to shake my head in amazement. GAWD!

Er..I mean: I KNOW!!!

I think: "But then he just vomitted, and all was well with the world." is probably the funniest thing I've said in ages. Hmm. I need to say more stuff, I guess.

Dude!! I totally met real life WDers! Like, two weeks ago, but still! Starshine and Bally and Jamie and Aexia and several others. Granted, I wasn't the best conversationalist with anyone, but I'm not real well known for that skill.

I still want to meet imissoz, but I think that's gonna have to wait a while to happen. I mean, Australia isn't even going to ram into Asia for another 500 million years. [sigh] (I know that from a Jeopardy! question!)

Remember when I was supposed to write a novel this month?


Ha! I say!

Tomorrow is payday.


Oh! The dictionary? That wonderfully cool book of words? 'tis meant to be a descriptive book, not a prescriptive one. Just so ya know.

I've missed talking to people online. I haven't really read any blog entries in about a week, and I feel all...not connected. Guess I better go reread that prophecy about myself to remind me why I do it all.
"Don't forget you're here forever." = "Do it for her."

My brain works in weird ways sometimes.

Hey! Random..ish question! Why are movies hyped? I mean, everyone who saw Lord of the Rings 1 & 2 is gonna see 3, so why promote it? Why build it up? Because if I've learned nothing else in my 28 plus years of life (and I haven't) it's that hype always disappoints. Look at the Matrix trilogy. All of those people were salavating because of the promos (I still haven't seen 2) and they were all disappointed. They should've not pumped so much money into trying to make a movie look good, especially when folks were already hooked. I'm not making any sense. Whatever.

You know when you're on the news (or, rather, when you see other people on the news) and a graphic (known as a "mat" in the biz) comes up that says the persons' name, along with a brief description of why they deserve to be on TV pops up? Like:

Dawn Summers
Witnessed Vampire Attack


Mr. Owl
Knows How Many Licks It Takes

How would you like to be immortalized like that? Your whole existence (descriptive - not prescriptive!) summed up with just a few words:

the P@

Speaking of whatever I'm talking about, I
have benn typing in spurts and

now have hit another major snag.

It's brain is the way it is.

OH! We may be able to go see Disney's Haunted Mansion for free. Boo ya! Heh.

Money money money.

Aww. Poor Buffy has a bald spot. Actually. I think she should've done an episode bald. Hairless Buffy = Kick. Ass.

We rented some movies from the library, and we still hve n't watched any of them. We're dumb sometimes.

2004!!! Four!!!!

OH!!!!!!! This won't really be funny ...unless I can find a pic of him online, or unless you come to Vegas and see what I'm talking about, but I'll share anyway. We have an "entertainment reporter" (Guy is his name) and he's really a very funny and very nice...guy. So I mean this in the nicest way. And it is a compliment, of sorts.

He's Lorne.

If you were to dye him green and give him horns, I swear to god, Guy would be Lorne. Sometimes I do work in a pretty cool place.

Holy blank, I'm hungry.

And I've been typing for a hudnred ckabillion years. So.

Dissolve, cue.

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